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"The best way to predict the future is to create it ". Peter Drucker

Alix d La Tour du Pin - copyright

Summary of this  website, in english :

Dare to think outside the box, in a staggered manner, relevant and / or irrelevant. Daring the risk of creativity, to help foster the emergence of innovative ideas in order to generate concrete solutions for the future accepted by the family business.


Alix de La Tour du Pin, Consultant, created her method in 2002, after several experiences of crises management in France and abroad. This grassroots approach is especially suited to periods of crises or change.


 Her method is efficient, creative and playful. It mobilizes essentially the "right brain" and facilitate: the overall vision, empathy, synthesis, expression of the inexpressible, collective creativity, cohesion, effectiveness, discovery of unexpected solutions and humor! It allows for expression and listening when they become difficult. It promotes the emergence of meaning within a context of movement and offers entrance a virtuous circle. The concept is presented through : Cartoons Creative Workshops, Coaching , Conference, books.

The collection of books editions meets these requirements. Sold 20.000 of copies in business, they promote thinking and behavior changes, thanks to the alliance of maieutic and cartoons, a concept created by Alix de La Tour du Pin, author & cartoonist.

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